Whiskey Bear


After featuring as Folk Alley’s Open Mic Artist of the Month and completing a short East Coast US Tour, Whiskey Bear went back into the band room energized and on a quest to further develop their sound. Having written over 40 songs since their first album release, Hill Shack Arson, Whiskey Bear has found their voice and is now proud to release a set of brand new singles monthly, starting May 2021.

Formed in 2016, Whiskey Bear is an indie folk band with Americana and bluegrass tendencies, based in Manila. While folk and the Philippines don't immediately seem to go hand-in-hand, Whiskey Bear has found that folk thrives in tropical climates. With Michael, Carl, and Nicole hailing from Texas, Wisconsin, and New Jersey, and Emma from the whiskey rivers of Scotland's Isle of Skye, the band's influences and style provide something for everyone.


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